90 food parcels a week

Last week we launched Inani as a means for people to buy food parcels that can be distributed to those in need. Before COVID-19 people would simply have purchased the food themselves and dropped it off at a distribution point. However, with the onset of the virus, they way we approach everything has been rebooted. Access to shops is not so easy anymore, and too many hands involved in the supply process pose more complications by way of contamination.

Thus the thinking behind Inani. Very simply, instead of people procuring food parcels themselves, they can now purchase through our platform. We have partnered with reliable suppliers who can make up the food parcels for us, and also do bulk deliveries on our behalf. Remember, it’s critical that we reduce the number of touch points. Then, we have partnerships inside the local communities too, the hands and feet of this mission. The local drop off points break their community up into zones, they appoint a champion for each zone, report back who in each zone is most in need, and thus we ensure (as best we can) that the food and essential supplies go to those who really really need it.

We’ve had a great response so far, and so much so in fact, that we have committed to dropping a food parcel each week for the next three weeks at each of the 90 vulnerable house holds which Christ Church Shayamoya have identified in their area. Must be somewhat comforting for these 90 poor households to know that for the next three weeks they are being looked after, and in fact the food parcels are large enough that they can share with their neighbours too.

A huge thanks to all involved.

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