Hear the hands and feet

Some real testimonies from the folk on the ground where the food parcels are being delivered

Christ church shayamoya

“We have broken the ground that was never broken. We have made Christ to be known, our primary goal was to make Him known. Churches tend to be demanding from members, more especially prosperity gospel churches, so we are a light in the darkest city. All my team leaders will give their different testimonies in due course. Some will make you cry. Thanks Inani.org.”

- Lizo Mtshalala, Seniour Pastor

christ church Hillbrow

“Today with the help of the Lavela Trust again we were able to assist 20 of our families with a food pack. Of the 20, 3 families are repeated because of the size. So in total we have been able to support 42 families in Hillbrow. Praise be to God for the Lavela Trust and the way God has opened a door for them to serve us at this time.”

- Godfrey Penduka, seniour pastor

Lavela trust

“We would like to say thank you to Inani.org, we are beyond grateful for the donors and the service you have provided. Lavela has indeed benefited so much, – we were able to feed 26 teenagers with their families, 42 households with at least 3 people in each house so that’s 120+ people in Hillbrow, were fed.”

- Busiswa Fundama

shayamoya resident

“Hello, thank you so much for the food we received from the church God has helped us through the church by giving us this food. Thank you, I’ve struggled a lot but now I am full.”

- Mama Msimang

Shayamoya resident

“My name is Victoria, I am very grateful for the food parcel that was delivered to my house unexpectedly. People have disappointed me and my children have deserted. I thank God for rescuing from this much distress . May God bless you.”

- victoria

Msawawa resident

“Thank you all for the support and care providing food parcels, we thank you for your hospitality. “

- Pheello Motaung

thank you for your support

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