Who We Are

Inani was originally intended to be a platform that brought local communities together to improve their buying power and save them costs. But in the current climate we’ve changed course, for obvious reasons, and now Inani is a platform that helps co-ordinate the distribution of essential services into local communities that need it most.

How it works – so as to reduce the number of touchpoints and thereby reduce the potential for contamination, we will receive orders through Inani, orders will be sent to a single business to prepare the orders, and we will complete a single delivery into the nominated area. We are then working with the local areas to further iron out any logistics challenges they may have.

Step 1:
Purchase Food Parcel

Each location has its own parcel make-up of goods and essential items

Step 2:
We Arrange the Food

We get all the food parcels in one store in each area, so as to reduce the risk of contamination

Step 3:
We Deliver the Parcels

In each township we have a church as a strategic partner. They know the people, and those who are most in need

Step 4:
Delivery into Homes

The local churches then ensure the final "last mile delivery" into each of the respective homes

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