During this challenging time, let's work together to

Help Our Local Communities

We’ve sourced essential food parcels which can be purchased on this site.

Once purchased, we then send the parcels into one of four locations to be distributed to those in need.

Every cent, bar bank fees, goes towards food. And often suppliers cover the bank fees for us.

“We have broken the ground that was never broken. We have made Christ to be known, our primary goal was to make Him known. Churches tend to be demanding from members, more especially prosperity gospel churches, so we are a light in the darkest city. All my team leaders will give their different testimonies in due course. Some will make you cry. Thank you Inani.org”  – 

Lizo, Christ Church Shayamoya

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Depending on the location, we have one or a couple food parcels to choose from. We are also in the process of sourcing other essential items.

Please click on your region below to view the different parcel options.

Parcels Delivered

Shayamoya (Umhlali)

Parcels Delivered

Msawawa (Fourways)

Parcels Delivered

Khayelitsha (Cape Town)

Parcels Delivered

Nonzamo (Somerset West)

Parcels Delivered

Zwhelilhe (Hermanus)

Parcels Delivered

Cross Central Church (Parow)

“It has been a great priviledge and joy to partner with Inani.org, they provide the platform and we provide the oversight of all the funding”

Michel Adjes, Senior Pastor

Christ Church North Coast, Umhlali

“Inani.org has made it possible for the St James Church family to care for our brothers and sisters across the city. This initiative is love made visible”

Scott Tubman, Associate Rector

St James Church, Kennilworth

“This is a great practical way to ‘not give up, but to continue to do good to people’ in an enforced social-distancing world”

Ludwig Alberts, Senior Pastor

Crossword Church, Somerset West

“Inani.org is a safe and easy platform, helping us to manage the sponsored parcels”

Andrew Husted, Trustee

Lavela Trust

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